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In 1994, philatelic agent Mr Paolo de Rosa initiated an annual conference for the small postal administrations, which he represented, in order to discuss various philatelic matters of interest specifically in relation to the smaller postal administrations. Following Paolo de Rosa selling his philatelic agency to Afinsa, the postal administrations created their own annual SEPAC conference. The annual SEPAC conference of the postal administrations commenced in 1999 and was represented by delegates from the same postal administrations which had attended the De Rosa conference.

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A centenary of Icelandic independence and sovereignty


In 2018, a century has passed since Iceland became an independent state within the community of nations. The treaty on Iceland’s sovereignty was concluded on July 18, 1918, and this is considered one of the most significant events in the
Jersey Post stamps look back to the 60s


Popular culture of the 1960s is the subject of the latest set of six stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 26 January 2018.  The second in a five part series looking at popular culture through the decades, this
Jersey Post new issue: Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog


  The Year of the Dog is the subject of Jersey Post’s first stamp issue of 2018, released on Wednesday 5 January. Designed by Wang Huming in Beijing, China, the issue comprises a single stamp and a Miniature Sheet and

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