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In 1994, philatelic agent Mr Paolo de Rosa initiated an annual conference for the small postal administrations, which he represented, in order to discuss various philatelic matters of interest specifically in relation to the smaller postal administrations. Following Paolo de Rosa selling his philatelic agency to Afinsa, the postal administrations created their own annual SEPAC conference. The annual SEPAC conference of the postal administrations commenced in 1999 and was represented by delegates from the same postal administrations which had attended the De Rosa conference.

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Liechtenstein issue “Fraternities in Liechtenstein”


Fraternities are religious organisations devoted to voluntary works of piety and charity. Such fraternities were also founded in Liechtenstein between the 16th and 18th centuries. The Philately has commemorated three such fraternities in special stamps. The “Maria Hilf Fraternity” was
Commandant Charcot and his ship the “Pourquoi – Pas ?” remembered on an Icelandic mini-sheet


 September 16th this year marks the 80th anniversary of the foundering of the French research vessel Pourquoi- Pas? (Why not?) West of Iceland. This event is even today remembered as one of the most tragic maritime accidents in Iceland‘s history. The
Guernsey issues Postcrossing stamps


Colourful stamps depicting island life are to be issued by Guernsey Post on 14 July in celebration of the 11th birthday of Postcrossing, a global hobby that involves sending and receiving postcards around the world. Two stamps have been created

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