Fancy a hot bath in a geothermal pool? Check out Icelandic stamps in April…

Year of Sustainable Tourism for development The United Nations have declared 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourism for development. Sustainable tourism is defined as the development or activities in tourism that respect the environment and ensure long-term protection of natural

Ancient artefacts rediscovered on Jersey stamps

Eight ancient artefacts discovered in the Bailiwick of Jersey will feature on the latest set of stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 11 April 2017. “Jersey has some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe,” explains James

1st Stamp issue of 2017 of Philately Liechtenstein on 6 March 2017

Europa – Palaces and Castles At yearly intervals the member states of the Association of European Public Postal Operators, PostEurop, issue stamps on a common theme. In 2017 their focus is on palaces and castles. Liechtenstein’s contribution to the popular

Luxembourg new stamp issues in March 2017

POST Luxembourg issues new stamps on March 7.  Traditionally POST Luxembourg issues a series of 3 stamps dedicated to persons from Luxembourg that have achieved great things during their lifetime. Jean Jules Linden was a famous explorer and botanist. Pierre

Maltese Flora Philatelic Stamp Issue

The fourth set from the Maltese Flora series was issued on Friday 24 February 2017. This includes three stamps each bearing a face value of €0.26, €0.42 and €1.25 and respectively depict the Fan-Lipped Orchid (Maltese: Orikida Ħamra), the Yellow


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