Åland Christmas stamps contribute to a sparkling 2018 Christmas


This year’s decorative Christmas stamps enhanced with hologram print will be issued by Åland Post on 9 October 2018. Åland-born Emelie Bang is the artist behind the glittering Christmas tree ornaments adorning the stamps. 

Today, the Christmas tree is the most common Christmas decoration, so even in Åland. The earliest Christmas tree ornaments were candles and edible figures made from bread, apples and sweets. During the latter half of the 1800s, decorations made from paper, wood and other types of material in the form of stars, paper chains and other figures began to appear. Tinsel stars quickly became popular when they first appeared on the market, and a large star is often used as a tree-topper. Today, the heart is another common type of Christmas decoration but, previously, it mainly appeared as pleated wicker baskets. Candles were otherwise the most important type of Christmas decoration. Prior to the introduction of electrical Christmas lights in the 1920s, the tree was illuminated by wax candles.

Now resident of Stockholm, Åland artist Emelie Bang has designed several Åland stamps. She also created this year’s Christmas seals.

Date of issue :9 October 2018
Artist:Emelie Bang
200 000 & 130 000
Denominations :Julpost (€0.80); Världen (€1.50)
Price FDC: €3.05
Stamp size:
36 x 25.5 mm
Sheet size:
2 x 20 stamps
110 g/m²
13 per 2 cm
Printing method:
4-colour offset + hologram
Printing house:
Cartor Security Printing

To order, please visit Åland Post Stamps web shop at https://webshop.alandpost.com/en


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