Beekeeping in focus on Åland stamp


On 28 May, Åland Post focuses on beekeeping in Åland. Seeing that bees are invaluable to fruit and berry growers in the islands, we find the honey bee, designed by Swedish artist Torbjörn Östman, among the apple flowers.
Unusually healthy, Åland bees are much sought-after. Åland beekeepers have succeeded in keeping their bees free of varroa, a dreaded type of mites that destroys entire bee colonies and has become a plague to beekeepers worldwide. In the autumn of 2013, following assiduous efforts by the Åland Beekeepers Association, the EU commission granted Åland the status of a varroa-free region, entirely prohibiting importation of bees to Åland. Åland, Isle of Man, Australia and Iceland alone are considered to be completely free of the pest. All bee colonies in Iceland have been imported from Åland.

Beekeeping was introduced in Åland at the end of the 1800s and, today, we find some 80 beekeepers, most of whom keep bees as a hobby. Relying on bees for pollination, the majority of approx. 950 bee colonies are located close to orchards.


Date of issue : 28 May 2018
Torbjörn Östman
130 000
Denomination :Inrikes (€1.50)

Price FDC:  
Stamp size :
35 x 35 mm
Sheet size :
2 x 15 stamps
Paper :
110 g/m²
Perforation :
13 per 2 cm
Printing method :
4-colour offset
Printing house: Cartor Security Printing

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