Björn Ulvaeus presents his Åland in the My Åland stamp series


On 8 July, Åland Post has the great honour of presenting ABBA legend Björn Ulvaeus’ image of Åland with an issue in the My Åland stamp series.  An image featuring the Åland archipelago was Björn’s obvious choice of motif, and the stamp shows the picturesque approach to Karlby village on Kökar.

Björn Ulvaeus has primarily visited Åland by yacht.“I come from Västervik, a small town located on the eastern coast of Sweden, so, naturally, boats have always played a part in my life. Until a few years ago, I always went south along the Swedish coast, but that was before I discovered the Åland Islands. Nowadays, I prefer to take my yacht across the Åland Sea to cruise in the archipelago.”

Kökar is one of the locations that have made an impression on Björn. The stamp shows the picturesque approach to Brudhäll guest harbour and Karlby village in the morning haze.
“I’ve fallen in love with Kökar.  At my first visit, we docked at a pier on the northern side of Kökar and walked along the country road to the village shop located a few kilometres away, at a crossroads. It was a glorious summer’s day and I honestly don’t think I have ever experienced such peace and tranquillity anywhere else in the world. Later, I sailed the lovely narrow approach to Karlby on the southern side of Kökar.” 

Björn Ulvaeus’ stamp is the eleventh in the My Åland series that offer celebrities with an Åland connection an opportunity to illustrate their image of the Åland province. Previous artists for the series are Lill Lindfors, Mauno Koivisto, Mark Levengood, Björn Borg, Martti Ahtisaari, Åke Lindman, Marcus Grönholm, Caroline af Ugglas, Robert Helenius and Tarja Halonen. 

Date of issue                                   8 July 2016
Photographer                                 Kjell Söderlund
Edition                                            140 000
Denomination                                Världen (€1.30)
Price FDC                                       €2.00
Stamp size                                      38.4 x 28 mm
Sheet size                                       2 x 15 stamps
Paper                                             110 g/m2
Perforation                                      13 per 2 cm
Printing method                              4-colour offset
Printing house                                Bpost


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