Lunar New Year – Year of the Horse 2014

Guernsey Stamps are delighted to have produced their first issue in a series of stamps celebrating the Chinese New Year.
The stamp designs are the work of Sydney-based artist Chrissy Lau, who has several years’ commercial experience and, importantly, understands Chinese art and was able to produce intricate designs for the stamps.
We spoke to Chrissy Lau and she told us “I was inspired by the striking designs and patterns used in Chinese paper cutting so I wanted to emulate this. The stamps are quite small in size so it was important to create something that would instantly catch your attention and hold your gaze.
“Turning to the colours, in Chinese culture red symbolises good fortune and joy. It’s commonly used in celebrations, especially Chinese New Year – and it was the only colour that could represent this collection of stamps. Gold is used to symbolise wealth, prosperity and happiness. It is traditionally used in imperial service so it exudes a luxurious quality.
“Given my heritage it was very important to me that I created symbolically significant designs, which I feel has been achieved through the intricate use of patterns and colour.”


We have also produced two superb collectable items, a Gold Foil Souvenir Sheet and an Uncut Press Sheet with this issue – items that are proving very popular!



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