Luxembourg new stamp issues in March 2015

Commemorative Series

125th anniversary of organised philately

 The “Union des Timbrophiles de Luxembourg”, the first philately society in Luxembourg was founded on 30 March 1890

In 1934, the “Union des Timbrophiles de Luxembourg” was one of the four founding societies of the “Fédération des Sociétés Philatéliques” of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (FSPL) which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2014.

OAI “Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers”

Founded in March 1990, the OAI brings together five liberal professions, namely architects, interior architects, consulting engineers, town planners and landscapers. Collectively, they employ over 4,200 people in Luxembourg.OAI informs about the impact of its members’ work at an economic, social and cultural level)

Omega 90

Omega 90 is a recognised public-interest association concerned with palliative care and bereavement support. It informs about serious illness, the final stages of life, death and bereavement.



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