MaltaPost issued a stamp set depicting Maltese Flora

DetailedMaltaPost issued a set of three stamps depicting flowers found in the Maltese countryside.

The stamps carry a face value of €0.26, €0.59 and €1.16 and respectively depict the Field Gladiolus, the Wavy Leaf Mullein and the Conical Orchid. The Field Gladiolus is a common plant occurring mainly in March and April. The Wavy Leaf Mullein is commonly seen growing on disturbed ground and flowers in late May and early June. The Conical Orchid which is one of the more frequently found orchids of the Maltese Islands, flowers in January and February and occurs mainly in garrigue habitats, rocky terrain as well as clearings in shrub lands.

The €0.59 stamp illustrating the Wavy Leaf Mullein will bear the official Small European Postal Administration Cooperation (SEPAC) logo and will form part of the joint stamp issue folder. The theme for this year’s SEPAC collection will be ‘Flowers’ and participating states will be presenting stamps illustrating flowers from their country. SEPAC members include Aland Post, Faroe Islands Post, Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau, Post Greenland, Guernsey Post, Iceland Post, Isle of Man Post, Jersey Post, Liechtenstein Post Corporation, MaltaPost, Monaco Post, San Marino Post, Luxembourg Post and Vatican Post.

The stamps, designed by MaltaPost and was issued in sheets of 10. Each stamp measures 20mm x 38mm with a perforation of 13.6 x 14.0 (comb.) and bear the Maltese Crosses Watermark. The sheet measures 154mm x 110mm and is complemented by an illustration of the Maltese countryside. Printex Limited produced the set in offset and the issue consists of 1,890,000 of the €0.26 stamp, 477,000 of the €0.59 stamp and 54,000 of the €1.16 stamp.

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