Photographer Christoffer Relander explores childhood memories on Åland stamp

June 9 is the first time Åland Post issues a stamp where an artist has been given free rein to create a stamp motif. The “Open Edition” assignment went to Finnish art photographer Christoffer Relander, who decided to portray a personal memory from his childhood summers. “I have roots in Åland and knew that I wanted to create something personal with a link to Åland when planning the stamp issue Bark boat in a jar”, Christoffer explains.

Christoffer has been a photographer since 2009 and is an award-winning and internationally renowned art photographer. In 2020, he and his family moved to Åland from Tammisaari, Finland.

“When planning the issue Bark boat in a jar, I thought about keywords like childhood, nostalgia, summer, and archipelago. I remembered this type of wooden boat that I made as a child with my father at our summer place in Finland. I decided to recreate the boat, but this time with my grandfather who used to make them with his father as well. To involve yet another generation in the process, I asked my seven-year-old daughter to sketch the illustration for the postmark.” “The glass jar is a recycled jam jar that I photographed in my studio. The concept is recognizable from my series of photos Jarred & Displaced, in which I ‘filled’ glass jars with a variety of environments. To me, the stamp is a preserved childhood memory. Hopefully, other people will also identify with it and feel a sense of nostalgia when they see the stamp.” Christoffer Relander is known for his multi-exposed photographs that have gained attention around the world. In early 2022, he represented Finland at the Beijing International Art Biennale. He also did the photography for Åland Post’s stamp book ‘A story through Åland stamps 2022’.

Facts about the issue

  • Name of issue Bark boat in a jar
  • Date of issue 9 June 2023
  • Artist Christoffer Relander
  • Design Christoffer Relander & Johanna Finne
  • Edition 45 000
  • Denomination Världen (€3.00)
  • Price FDC €4.00
  • Price maximum card €3.70
  • Stamp size 30 × 40 mm
  • Sheet size 2 × 12 stamps
  • Paper 110 g/m2
  • Perforation 13 per 2 cm
  • Process 4-colour offset
  • Printer Cartor Security Printers
Order the stamp, first day cover and maximum card at in the Åland Post Stamps webshop , by post to Åland Post Stamps, P.O. box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, e-mail or telephone: +358 18 636 639.


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