Yearbook celebrates this year’s Guernsey stamps: philatelic bureau also announces its 2020 stamp programme

Guernsey Stamps announces the publication of its 50th Anniversary 2019 Yearbook, which features the complete collection of Guernsey and Alderney stamps released this year.

4th Stamp Issue 2019 of Philately Liechtenstein on 11 and 14 November 2019

 Artistic Photography: Ice Three special stamps with detailed motifs depicting ice scenes are the latest addition to the “Artistic Photography” stamp series. Photographer Sepp Köppel took the macro photos “Ice Flow” (face value: CHF 1.00), “Stone Islands” (face value: CHF

Luxembourg new stamp issues in November 2019

Post Luxembourg will be issuing a new series of stamps on November 8th 2019.A stamp block will be released illustrating a portrait of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor an Duke of Luxembourg, one of the most powerful European rulers in

Jersey’s festive stamps to feature a children’s nativity play

A children’s nativity play is the subject of Jersey Post’s 2019 Christmas stamp issue which will be released on 20 November. Designed by Sharif Tarabay, the eight self-adhesive stamps feature colourful illustrations of children performing in their Christmas play.

An Icelandic tradition of making your own Christmas tree

Iceland is a land where forests are scarce… the native forests are mostly composed of birch trees, and so the tradition of ornamenting Christmas trees as we know them is relatively new. The first Christmas trees were imported to Iceland


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