Åland stamps carrying a message of peace

On 9 May, Åland Post issues two stamps in the Europa 2023 stamp series on the theme peace. One stamp depicts the motif, which won PostEurop’s design competition. The other motif shows Åland Post’s competition entry, designed by Finnish illustrator

Guernsey Post to release stamps to mark centenary of The Little Chapel

Stamps celebrating the centenary of Guernsey’s Little Chapel, one of the smallest chapels in the world, are to be released during 2023 by Guernsey Post.

Guernsey’s stamps depict Burhou’s beautiful birds

Stamps depicting the Atlantic puffin, which arrive on Burhou island near Alderney each Spring,  have been released by Guernsey Post. The stamps have been designed by Guernsey-based artist James Colmer.

New stamps celebrate Jersey’s emergency services

A set of eight stamps celebrating Jersey’s emergency services will be issued by Jersey Post on 1 April 2023. Illustrated by renowned stamp artist and engraver Martin Mörck, the stamps feature a selection of emergency services vehicles that are currently

Jersey’s markets celebrated with new stamps

Jersey’s traditional markets are the subject of a set of stamps and a miniature sheet to be issued by Jersey Post on 21 March 2023. Jersey illustrator Lauren Radley has brought to life representations of six of the traditional stalls


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