Stamp Competition

Vote for the most beautiful SEPAC stamp and win year collections from all the members issuing SEPAC stamps!

You can now vote for the most beautiful 2013 SEPAC stamps and, at the same time, take part in the draw for year collections from all the SEPAC members issuing SEPAC stamps! The competition runs from 24.11.13 to 14.06.14

1st Prize: a year collection from every post participating in the 2013 SEPAC folder (worth approx. €600)

2nd Prize: seven year collections selected by the prize winner

3rd Prize: three year collections selected by the prize winner

How to vote:

1.    Register by clicking on the button “Login” located at the top right hand corner of the website.

2.    Once registered, login and mark the stamp of your choice

You can cast only one vote; however, if you during the course of the competition wish to know how your favourite stamp is doing in the competition, you can log onto this page again and have a look at the latest statistics figures.


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