Colourful moor frogs on 2021 Europa stamp from Åland

On 7 May, Åland Post issues its contribution to the 2021 Europa stamp series on the theme endangered wildlife, a stamp featuring moor frogs, a protected species. “I painted the moor frog in profile to illustrate its characteristics and made

Great Northern War in Åland commemorated on stamp

On 7 May, Åland Post commemorates the 300th anniversary of the Great Northern War, one of the worst disasters to strike Åland. The majority of the Åland population fled and, for eight years, Åland lay desolate. The stamp visualizes the

Jersey stamps to showcase Jersey from the Air

Eight aerial photographs showing Jersey from the Air are to feature on a set of stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 1 April 2021. The images have been captured by local photography business, Bam Perspectives using drone technology. Jersey

Guernsey Post to launch new Post & Go overprint for Virtual Stampex

Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau announces that it will vend Post & Go stamps with the new overprint ‘Virtual Spring Stampex 2021’, for the forthcoming edition of the expo. The stamps will depict Guernsey’s Bailiwick airplane designs, which were released in

Luxembourg new stamp issues in March 2021

The 125 years of “Letzebuerger Landesuebstbauveräin” will be commemorated by a special stamp. Today, the promotion of fruit growing in Luxembourg is one of the main objectives of the association.Another stamp commemorates the 100 years of Soroptimist International.With its overreaching


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