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Adorable Åland pigs on miniature sheet celebrate Year of the Pig

You can all look forward to a miniature sheet featuring cute Åland forest pigs to be issued by Åland Post on 1 November 2018. Once again, the highly skilled, Swedish stamp artist Martin Mörck has created the design that appears
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Biscuit scented stamps in Iceland for Christmas!

As we are slowly (!) edging towards the winter, anticipation before Christmas becomes more and more prominent, and while Christmas carols have yet to resound through the alleys of your favourite supermarket, here and there we see shops starting to
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Classic Christmas tales depicted on Bailiwick stamps

Festive stamps depicting two classic Christmas stories are to be issued by Guernsey Post on 8 November. 
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Icelandic Art IX – penultimate set in the series!

In just a month, on November 1st, Postphil will issue the penultimate set in the series “Icelandic Art”. When it is completed next year, the Icelandic Art series will comprise 10 sets altogether, or a total of 40 stamps! Starting
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Åland Christmas stamps contribute to a sparkling 2018 Christmas

This year’s decorative Christmas stamps enhanced with hologram print will be issued by Åland Post on 9 October 2018. Åland-born Emelie Bang is the artist behind the glittering Christmas tree ornaments adorning the stamps.
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Guernsey Post announces the release of the final stamps in its five-year series to mark the centenary of WW1, which feature some of the memorials created to commemorate islanders who died in the Great War. 
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Luxembourg new stamp issues in September 2018

Post Luxembourg issues new stamps on September 18th 2018  Post Luxembourg is releasing a special stamp illustrating the work of Jean Mich, one of Luxembourg’s most remarkable sculptors of the Belle Epoque. Furthermore a special stamp based on the Stamp Day
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100 years of women’s suffrage commemorated on Jersey stamps

A set of six stamps and a Miniature Sheet marking 100 years since the first women were granted the vote in Great Britain and Ireland will be issued by Jersey Post on 2 October 2018. The stamps, which have been
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September will be maritime…

Like other animals, sponges (Porifera, meaning “pore bearer”) are multicellular organisms… the only difference is that they have no body tissues as such, and no “organs”! Full of pores and channels allowing water to circulate through them, they feed in
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The beginnings of mechanized agriculture in Iceland

A hundred years ago, a new page was turned in Iceland’s agricultural history when the first tractor was imported to the country on 12th August 1918. Until then, agriculture in Iceland was very traditional, and in places still very close
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