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Popular Harvest Festival in Åland celebrated with stamps

With the release of a stamp booklet on 20 September, Åland Post pays tribute to the Harvest Festival, one of the largest and most popular recurrent Åland events. Åland photographer Therese Andersson has captured the lovely moments from the festival
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Guernsey marks 50th anniversary of postal independence with two commemorative stamp sets

Guernsey Post’s Philatelic Bureau is delighted to announce that it will issue two commemorative stamp sets to mark the 50th anniversary of postal independence – the first in celebration of developments in postal operations and the second featuring a stamp
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Iceland’s 2019 SEPAC stamp

On 12th September, Iceland post’s next stamp issue will be released. It includes the 2019 Sepac stamp on the theme Old residential buildings.The building chosen to feature on the Icelandic stamp is the Factor’s House in Nedstikaupstaður, Isafjordur. It is
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Woodland Wildlife stamps link Jersey with China

Species of woodland wildlife that have been recorded in both Jersey and China will feature on a set of six stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 2 September 2019. The stamps form the fifth and final instalment in
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100 years of Girlguiding Jersey to be celebrated on Jersey stamps

A set of six stamps celebrating the centenary of girlguiding in Jersey is to be issued by Jersey Post on 6 August 2019. Illustrated by Nick Shewring, the stamps show guides taking part in activities such as charity work, overseas
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We have liftoff! Man on the Moon stamps to be launched by Jersey Post

50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the surface of the Moon, Jersey Post will release a set of six commemorative stamps and a Miniature Sheet featuring dramatic illustrations by acclaimed aviation illustrator, Keith
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Guernsey stamp to mark 50th anniversary of HRH Prince of Wales’s Investiture

  A commemorative miniature sheet featuring a photograph taken at the investiture ceremony of HRH The Prince of Wales 50 years ago is to be issued by Guernsey Post on 24 July. 
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Guernsey’s Sepac stamps depict Victor Hugo’s former home

A historic home in Guernsey, once home to the great French writer Victor Hugo, has been depicted on a miniature sheet to be released by Guernsey Post, reflecting this year’s Sepactheme of Old Residential Buildings(issue date: 24 July 2019).
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50th anniversary of the Moon Landings celebrated on Guernsey stamps

Guernsey Post is delighted to announce that it will issue stamps depicting some of the key moments from the Apollo 11 moon landings 50 years ago, when American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first people ever to land
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Guernsey Post to commemorate 200th anniversary of publication of Keats’s ‘Odes’

Guernsey Post announces that it will issue Alderney stamps to commemorate the 200thanniversary of the publication of John Keats’s six lyric odes, which are considered by many to be among his greatest poetic achievements (issue date: 24 July 2019). 
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