4th Stamp Issue of Philately Liechtenstein on 14 November 2016

Liechtenstein without us

What would happen to Liechtenstein if there were no more people? Swiss illustrator Angelo Boog put this hypothetical question to himself. The answer can be found in his three collages which provide the motifs for the new three-part souvenir sheet entitled “Liechtenstein without us” (value CHF 2.00 per stamp). The collages depict buildings, monuments, everyday objects and sections of landscape from the Principality in an imagined future devoid of human beings in twenty, one hundred and five hundred years from now. The artist was inspired by American author Alan Weisman who tackled this subject head-on in his book “The World Without Us” published in 2007.

Christmas – Nostalgic Christmas cards
A selection of postcards on Christmas themes, the originals of which can be viewed in the Principality of Liechtenstein’s postal museum, adorn this year’s traditional Christmas stamps. The four motifs Lamplight (value CHF 0.85), Exchanging Christmas Presents (value CHF 1.00), City Scene (value CHF 1.50) and Winter Walk (value CHF 2.00) will be issued as self-adhesive stamps on sheets of 20. The typography of the Christmas cards, most of which date from the early years of the 20th century, was finished using hot foil stamping in gold.

Chinese Signs of the Zodiac – Rooster
The Philately is continuing its artistically designed series with the Chinese zodiac sign of the year 2017. For the “Year of the Rooster 2017” (value CHF 2.00), it is issuing a new self-adhesive special stamp depicting a filigree silhouette that was created using the most up to date laser technology. The sheet of four stamps which is in red – the Chinese symbol for good luck – is moreover cut in the shape of a rooster. All of the imprints were applied in high-quality gold foil. The zodiac sign of the rooster is a synonym for the born observer.

The new stamps are available from 14 November 2016 at all post offices and from Philately Liechtenstein.
Internet: www.philatelie.li


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