Aland – Blue Ribbon

Aland Blue Ribbon In 2012, Åland Post decided to start issuing charity stamps, part of the selling price of which is donated to charity. In 2012, the beneficiary of the charity stamp was the Pink Ribbon campaign, a project with the aim of gathering funds for the research of breast cancer. This year, the profit will be donated to the Blue Ribbon campaign and prostate cancer research. The stamp is issued on 2 September since this is the month when Blue Ribbon campaigns sets off internationally. Despite the fact that prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men in Finland, the Blue Ribbon campaign has gained relatively little attention, as opposed to its big sister Pink Ribbon. The Blue Ribbon stamp is designed by Åland graphic designer Håkan Sandberg, who himself was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Blue Ribbon charity stamp sells at €1.20, €0.20 of which is awarded Åland Cancer Society in full. At the start of 2013, Åland Post was pleased to donate more than €21000 to the Åland Cancer Society from the sale of stamps, stamp watches and model vans with a Pink Ribbon motif. Other activities in connection with the Pink Ribbon campaign raised further funds. Our hope is naturally that the Blue Ribbon stamp and ensuing campaign activities will raise an equal amount to cancer research. Håkan Sandberg’s stamp features a garden sculpture, which he has created himself. The sculpture represents a bon vivant, who enjoys life on earth. Apart from wanting to emphasize the importance of living in the here and now, another purpose of the stamp is to challenge the taboo surrounding prostate cancer. The Blue Ribbon logo has been visibly placed on the stamp.


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