America built sailing ships on first 2018 Åland stamps



On 1 February 2018, the fourth issue in the 6-year series of Sailing ship stamps appears. Exploring the Åland era of sailing ships, artist Allan Palmer has depicted two impressive vessels built in America, full-rigged clipper Albania and schooner Atlas.   

The growth of the Åland fleet in the early 1900s was mainly satisfied with secondhand tonnage. From 1880 to 1914, around 200 wooden vessels were procured to Åland.

Built in 1884 in St John, Canada, full-rigged clipper Albania was the largest wooden sailing vessel in Finland when imported to Åland in 1903. She had two captains during her time under Åland flag. Gustaf Erikson, later to become one of the greatest ship owners in Åland, was the captain during her last three years. Albania was old and in need of repair already at the time of purchase and, arriving in leaking condition, she was sold in Rio de Janeiro in 1908. On the stamp, we see her heading south in hard weather conditions in the Atlantic Ocean.

Four-masted schooner Atlas was built for coastal trade in Bath, Maine, in 1908 and named Bertha L Downs. She was purchased in 1923 by a minor Åland shipping company headed by Captain Arthur Andersson, who also commanded her until 1927. Allan Palmer has illustrated the vessel sailing close-hauled on the North Sea on her way to England. Atlas was sold to an Estonian sea captain in 1931.

The stamps are accompanied by two maximum cards illustrating traditional ship’s portraits of the vessels as well as a set of collector’s sheets produced in cooperation with experts at Åland Maritime Museum. Holding the stamps in first day cancelled condition, the collector’s sheets present background information about each vessel. The limited edition of 1500 sheets is sold on standing order subscription from Åland Post Stamps only.

Date of issue                        1 February 2018
Artist                                     Allan Palmer
2 x 130 000
Denominations                   Lokalpost (€1.30);
Price FDC                             €5.05
Stamp sizes                         
40 x 30 mm
Sheet sizes                          
2 x 12 stamps
110 g/m2
12 per 2 cm
Printing method              
4-colour offset
Printing house                   Bpost


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