Christmas stamps are a celebration collection of Post Office history

A look back at the Isle of Man Post Office’s 40 year history entitled ‘A Christmas Stamp Gallery’
is the subject of this year’s Christmas stamps.The set of six stamps depict Christmas stamps from years gone by showcasing a variety of aspects of Christmas
from the Three Wise Men, stained glass windows, Winter birds, churches in the snow to Christmas trees.

Maxine Cannon, General Manager, Isle of Man Stamps & Coins said: “This year we felt it would be a fitting
postal tribute in itself to feature designs selected from our portfolio of Christmas issues as a celebration
collection in our 40thAnniversary year. There have been a significant number of Christmas stamps produced
and it was a difficult task to select just six to make the issue. However we feel they capture a little bit of
everything when it comes to Christmas and what it means to so many.”

She added: “I’m sure it will be welcome news to our customers that the local and UK stamp values will be
available in self-adhesive form this year – perfect for those people who send a lot of cards! They will be
available in both sheets and booklets.”

The overall issue has been designed locally by Emma Cooke of EJC Design who said: “This issue presented the
perfect opportunity to revisit some of the beautiful Christmas Stamps that have been issued by Isle of Man Post
Office over the last 40 years. With 162 previous Christmas Stamps to choose from, it was quite a challenge to
narrow the selection down to just six stamps. I think the final selection makes a lovely set and I’m looking
forward to seeing them on the Christmas post that comes through my letterbox.”

‘A Christmas Stamp Gallery’ will be officially issued on October 17. For an exclusive look at the stamps please
watch our video.

You can also pre-order the stamps online here.

Designer Emma Cooke of EJC Design with the collection of Christmas stamps issued over the past 40 years

Designer Emma Cooke of EJC Design with the collection of Christmas stamps issued over the past 40 years


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