Final stamps in the series on Icelandic Contemporary Design to be released on 7th February 2019

Almost every year since 2008, Iceland Post has issued four stamps dedicated to Icelandic contemporary design, focussing on the Iceland Design Centre’s member associations.
The stamps (36 in total) span a period of 10 years of Icelandic design, and have featured a variety of subjects including industrial design, fashion, architecture, jewellery, ceramics and textile design. This time, the four stamps put landscape architecture in the spotlight. 

This collection is a great expression of the variety Icelandic designers have succeeded in creating in their field, and giant models of the stamps were exhibited on several occasions as a part of Hönnunarmars, an annual Design Festival in Reykjavík. 

This year at the festival in March, a retrospective of the complete collection will be presented, including the ninth and final issue in the stamp series which will be released on 7th February 2019. 

Icelandic contemporary Design IX Landscape architecture

Icelandic contemporary Design IX
Landscape architecture

Issue 677A-D features four stamps with four different values : 50g domestic, 50g to Europe, 50g outside Europe and 250g to Europe.

The entire collection was designed by Icelandic designer Örn Smári Gíslason who also took the photographs featured on these stamps. In the course of fifteen years’ collaborating with Iceland Post, he has designed over a hundred stamps covering an immense variety of subjects!

Issue: 677A-D
Design and photography:
Örn Smári Gíslason
Printer: Cartor Security Printing
Process: Offset Litho
Stamp size: 25,30×40 mm
Paper: 247 gsm self-adhesive

To find out more about the collection, follow the links to the issues per year. Most of them are still available in our webshop!

1) 2008 – Icelandic Contemporary Design I. Industrial Design.
2) 2010 – Icelandic Contemporary Design II. Furniture design.
3) 2012 – Icelandic Contemporary Design III. Fashion design.
4) 2013 – Icelandic Contemporary Design IV. Graphic Design.
5) 2014 – Icelandic Contemporary Design V. Architecture.
6) 2015 – Icelandic Contemporary Design VI. Jewellery Design.
7) 2016 – Icelandic Contemporary Design VII. Ceramics design.
8) 2017 -Icelandic Contemporary Design VIII. Textile design.
9) 2019 – Icelandic Contemporary Design IX – Landscape Architecture.

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