Guernsey Post unveils latest Post & Go stamp designs

Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau announces the release of its latest Post & Go stamps, which depict the Arms of Guernsey along with some of the island’s landmarks, or local flora and fauna, in the background (stamp issue date: 14 February 2024).

The Arms of Guernsey comprise three lions passant guardant on a red shield and derive from those of England and a seal granted by King Edward I in 1279 for use in the Channel Islands. The Guernsey shield differs from the English Arms and the Jersey Arms with the addition of a sprig placed slightly left of centre on the top of the shield. In 1938, the Royal Court ordered a new seal, which was entrusted to the engraver at the Royal Mint.

The stamps

GY Letter: Located on a tidal rock in Rocquaine Bay, Fort Grey, known locally as the cup and saucer, is a Martello tower built in 1804 to defend Guernsey’s beautiful but treacherous west coast. Today it houses the Shipwreck Museum with a surprising variety of objects recovered from the wrecks.

GY Large Letter: Thanks to its mild maritime climate, Guernsey has an abundance of wildflowers adorning its cliffs, hedge banks and fields from Spring through to Autumn.  The stamp depicts some of the coastal wildflowers found on Guernsey’s colourful clifftops, which are a riot of colour at the beginning of Spring.

UK Letter stamp: A curious Guernsey cow, known for their friendly, docile nature and for producing some of the best milk in the world, which is golden in colour, rich in flavour and with a high nutritional value.

UK Large Letter: Guernsey is renowned for its fishing, which is commonplace across the Bailiwick. Its waters offer a large range of species available to catch, the most common being Bass, Bream, Garfish (longnose), Mackerel, Pollack and Wrasse.

EURO Letter: Castle Breakwater Lighthouse, which is located at the end of the breakwater by Castle Cornet in St Peter Port. The castle was the harbour defence and was originally a tidal island. In 1859, the breakwater was built to connect it to the harbour.

ROW Letter: Rock pooling is a popular Guernsey past time for children and adults alike. Thanks to its 33-foot tidal range, Guernsey’s unique rock pools are revealed twice a day for exploring and are filled with fascinating creatures waiting to be discovered.

Bridget Yabsley, Guernsey Post’s head of philatelic, said: – “Our Post and Go stamps remain a key fixture as part of our philatelic programme, so we are delighted to release these latest designs depicting the Guernsey Arms, along with popular local scenes and flora and fauna.

“The stamps, which replace the current definitive Guernsey Flag design, will be available to purchase at self-service kiosks located are Guernsey’s main Post Office and at the Market Street Post Office; they will also be available at the Tourist Information Centre for the summer cruise ship season. They are a popular choice for collectors looking to add something different to their collection whilst also providing a quick retail option for customers.”

The stamps will be available to pre-order from 31 January 2024 at or by calling Philatelic Customer Services on +44 (0) 1481 716486.


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