Iceland 2014 SEPAC stamp, The Pavilion Park.

On May 8th, Iceland Post issued 11 new stamps, including the SEPAC stamp of 2014, The Pavilion Park.

The stamp shows a city view of Reykjavík, with Reykjavík city pond in the foreground and the Pavilion Park (Hljómskálagarðurinn in Icelandic).  Further in the background, one can see Hallgrímskirkja, a famous landmark of the northernmost capital in the world.

The park is named after a music pavilion which was built there in early 1922. Land was first set aside for the park in 1901 and proposals made for its landscaping in 1908. A few years later, the first trees were planted. Many important works of art are to be found within the boundaries of the park, amongst which a statue of the poet Jónas Hallgrímsson.

The Pavilion was the first building in Iceland designed specifically for the enjoyment of music, and in fact accommodated Iceland’s first music school from 1922.

Hljómskálagarðurinn is a favourite place for Icelandic families to enjoy a stroll on a sunny day.

 Iceland 2014 Sepac stamp, May 8th issue.

Day of issue: 08.05.2014
Designer: Hany Hadaya
Number per sheet: 10
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print
Size: 40 x 25,3 mm
Printing process: Offset Litho
Price ISK: 130,00

The stamp is available online here


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