Iceland – Lighthouses III

Lighthouses IIIVattarnes Lighthouse

In 1912 a lighthouse was erected on Vattarnestangi at Reydarfjördur. The building was based on the drawings of engineer Thorvald Krabbe. The lighthouse was a cylindrical concrete tower, 3.3 m in height up to the balcony around the lantern and 2.4 m in diameter. The lantern and the gas equipment came from Sweden and the lighthouse was fitted with a 500 mm lens. In 1957, a new lighthouse was built on Vattarnestangi. It is 12.3 meters high and has the same lantern as the old lighthouse. The height of the lantern above sea level is 26 meters. The lighthouse was run on electricity from the power grid while gas was used as an alternative energy source. Engineer Axel Sveinsson designed the lighthouse.

The Skarðsfjara lighthouse

In 1959 a 19 meters high iron frame was erected at Skarðsfjara on Meðallandssandur. This lighthouse was equipped with a 3 meters high octagonal Swedish lantern, a 500 mm dioptical lens and gaslighting equipment previously used in the Galtarviti lighthousue. In 1968 was a concrete machine cabin was built close to the lighthouse and fitted with a lighting machine and equipment for the radio beacon. That same year the lighthouse was powered by electricity. In 1973 the lighthouse was fitted with radar response equipment while GPS correction and automatic meteorological station came in 1993. The Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration took over the operation of the beacon in 1994. Engineer Steingrímur Arason desgined the lighthouse.    


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