Iconic tractor brands end Åland veteran tractor stamp series

  With an issue on 4 January, Åland Post’s stamp series featuring veteran tractors in Åland photographed by David Lundberg ends. The last two stamps feature a 1955 Ferguson and a 1960 Fordson Super Major. Starting in February 2020, the 3-year stamp series comprises at total of six stamps, with motifs spanning from the early 20th century to the 1960s. The first stamp shows a Ferguson tractor that was developed by Irishman Harry Ferguson, revolutionizing agriculture when launched in 1946. The Ferguson tractor came to Åland in 1956 in connection with an Åland exhibition, finding a new home on Valter Jansson’s farm in Svinö, Lumparland.
“The tractor was stashed away on the farm for many years, until my brother Lars-Erik and I decided that we would renovate it. Around 2005, I started looking for a new engine and was lucky enough to find one in excellent condition in Sweden,” Valter’s son Sven-Åke Jansson explains. He keeps the tractor on the premises of the veteran tractor club at the Åland rural centre in Jomala, where he uses the tractor with a crate attached to drive around with the children who participate in the 4-H activities at the former agricultural school.
The other stamp shows a 1960 Fordson Super Major. At the time, the Ford Motor Company was one of the largest tractor manufacturers. This model turned out to be the final version of Ford’s Major models. Gösta Johansson bought the new tractor for his farm Västra Hinders, located in Önningeby, Jomala. The tractor is still preserved on the farm, driven by Daniel Högman, who bought it from his mother-in-law.
“I painted and fixed up the tractor in the early 2000s. It’s intact with original parts. The fenders have been replaced but, as you can see, it has original side plates, which is unusual. I haven’t added anything extra to the tractor and the exhaust system is original,” explains Daniel, who uses it also when cutting the roadsides.
Date of issue 4 January 2023                                                                                      Photographer David Lundberg Edition 2 × 45 000 Denominations €1.80 & €2.90 Price FDC €5.70 Stamp size 40 x 30 mm Sheet size 2 × 12 stamps Paper 110 g/m2 Perforation 13 per 2 cm Process4-colour offset Printer Cartor Security Printers Order the stamps, first day cover and maximum cards at alandstamps.com, by post to Åland Post Stamps, P.O. box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, e-mail stamps(a)alandpost.com or telephone: +358 18636641.


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