Jersey Post celebrates 100 years of the Jersey Beekeepers Association

The new honey scented issue depicting the honey making process

The new honey scented issue depicting the honey making process

On 3rd October Jersey Post will be issuing a new set of stamps and a Miniature Sheet commissioned to celebrate 100 years of The Jersey Beekeepers Association. The stamps, which have been specially infused with a honey scent in recognition of this milestone anniversary, tell the story of the honey making process.

The stamp issue features Apis mellifera mellifera (the “Northern European” or “dark” or “German” honey bee) throughout as, although other bee species exist locally, this is the only honey bee kept and used on the Island by the Jersey Beekeepers Association. 

 Founded by the Société Jersiaise on 3rd October, 1917 to promote the craft of beekeeping locally, the Jersey Beekeepers Association has grown from its original nine members at inception and today has over 100 members and around 400 hives on the Island.

Chris Elligott, Philatelic Production Co-ordinator at Jersey Post said, “Keeping bees has been integral to the agriculture of the Island for many years, originally pollinating the many cider apple trees planted in the 16th century.  The importance of beekeeping became particularly apparent during the German occupation of the Jersey when the honey was keenly sought after by locals and occupying forces alike, not only to compensate for the shortage of sugar but also for its medicinal properties.” 

John de Carteret of the Jersey Beekeepers AssocIation commented, “We are grateful to Jersey Post for providing us with this opportunity to showcase our craft and celebrate our Centenary.   The Association focusses on educating both beekeepers and the public and has for several years run a training course in bee craft, with many of the students going on to become beekeepers and increasing the stock of local bees.”

Miniature sheet showing the Queen, Worker and Drone bees

Miniature sheet: Queen Bee, Worker Bee and Drone




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