Jersey stamps take a modern approach to Magna Carta anniversary


Six stamps and a Miniature Sheet commemorating 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta, one of British history’s most famous documents, will be issued by Jersey Post on 15 June 2015.

Magna Carta, often said to be the document on which democratic society was founded, was sealed 800 years ago on the Banks of the River Thames at Runnymede. On 15 June 1215, the original Great Charter was agreed by King John when he yielded to the demands of feudal barons and bishops to limit his powers. Up to thirteen copies of Magna Carta were quickly made and distributed throughout the kingdom. Over the next 800 years, the idea of Magna Carta gathered momentum and it became one of the most respected legal documents ever written.

Jersey Post has taken a wonderfully contemporary approach to the subject and the six stamps in this colourful issue each depict a different ideology derived from Magna Carta: Justice, Freedom, Human Rights, Liberty, Citizenship and Democracy – ideologies which still resonate today.

“We spent some time researching the subject of Magna Carta and the history behind this extremely significant document,” comments Rachel MacKenzie, Philatelic Marketing Manager at Jersey Post. “What is amazing is that, despite being 800 years old, once you get past the complex language, much of the content and meaning of the text remains just as relevant today as it did when the charter was first sealed. It is for this reason that we decided to take a contemporary approach to the design of the stamps. Bold, bright colours and strong symbolic imagery help to reinforce the values of Magna Carta as the foundation stones of modern society and law.”


The stamps and philatelic stamp products such as stamp sets, Miniature Sheets, First Day Covers and Presentation Packs can be ordered now at or by telephoning the Jersey Philatelic Bureau on (01534) 516320. The stamps will be available to buy from all branches of Jersey Post from Monday 15 June 2015.


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