Liechtenstein – Painters from Liechtenstein – Hans Kliemand (1922 – 1976)

29e9d88f9e     The “Painters from Liechtenstein” issue, which portrays two works by the illustrator, engraver, painter and graphic designer Hans Kliemand who died in 1976, is intended to revive a popular earlier series of stamps. Hans Kliemand was born on 22nd July 1922 in the artists’ colony of Hellerau in Dresden (Germany). After attending the Richter School of Art, from which he graduated as a scientific illustrator, in 1940 he embarked on a course of study at the State University of Art and Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. In 1941 however he was called up for military service and had to go to war aged 18 as a medical orderly. After the end of the war he travelled to Liechtenstein for the first time to visit his brother Alfons, who had lived in Vaduz since the beginning of the 1930s as a stamp dealer. With Alfons’s help he resumed his studies at the Nürnberg School of Arts and Crafts, successfully completing them in 1950. For some years he lived in Weissenburg (Bavaria), maintaining his own printing studio there. During his many visits to Vaduz in this period he produced drawings (including some for the yearbook of the Principality of Liechtenstein Historical Association), portraits and stamp designs, together with his first small-format etchings on fauna and flora and also local views which have enjoyed great popularity in Liechtenstein principally as Christmas cards. In 1961 he made Liechtenstein his permanent home. Nine years later he became a member of the first Association of Graphic Artists in Liechtenstein and took part in exhibitions in the country. On 3rd March 1976 Hans Kliemand died in the St. Gallen Hospital, to which he had been taken after a serious cycling accident. The two stamps show the pen-and-ink drawings “View of Vaduz” (face value CHF 1.00) and “View into the Rhine Valley” (face value CHF 1.90). The stamps, designed by Heinz Schädler, have been kept deliberately uncomplicated, the background colour having been chosen to accord with the original paper. The stamps have been printed by a combination of offset and steel engraving and are being issued in two 10-stamp sheetlets. Both drawings are from the deceased’s estate (the Evi Kliemand collection).


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