New stamps from POST Greenland, Filatelia

TELE-POST issued eight new stamps 22nd October 2018

UNESCO has recently added the agricultural and cultural landscape of Southern Greenland to its World Heritage list. We mark this event with a beautiful stamp by highly esteemed artist Aka Høegh, who has lived in South Greenland for decades.

Artist Camilla Nielsen has created a total of six beautiful stamp images, reflecting six different musical epochs in Greenland. The last three stamps in the series are issued today.

‘Greenland during World War II’ is the title of our large series, which started in 2016. Naja Rosing-Asvid illustrates the world war as seen by the Greenlanders. We are up to the fifth and sixth stamp of the series.

Christmas stamps with fragrances

Among the new stamps, which TELE-POST issued today, you will also find the two 2018 Christmas stamps. These are the very first Greenlandic postage stamps with added scent. The stamps have fragrances of cinnamon and pine respectively.

Philatelists and stamp lovers can also buy the popular year pack containing one copy of the 24 stamps and the 6 souvenir sheets issued by TELE-POST in 2018.

For further information, please contact Philatelic Manager Allan Pertti Frandsen,, phone +45 61 39 30 65.

The 3rd issue 2018


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