New stamps issue from TELE-POST Greenland on 19th January 2015









On Monday, 19th January, TELEPOST Greenland will issue the first seven stamps in 2015.


Life of Sealers II:

The two stamps complete Ivalo Abelsen’s artistic interpretation highlighting the cultural importance of hunting within Greenland.

As in the case of the first two stamps in the series, these two stamps may also be positioned together so that the animals and the colors fit together to make a cohesive pattern.

Since the first immigrants arrived in Thule between 4,000-5,000 years ago, the Inuit in Greenland have been dependent on natural resources such as fish, birds, land and marine mammals. Hunting and fishing have always been a matter of survival in a country where the summer is short and the winter long and hard.

Greenlandic Songs II:

The two stamps show Camilla Nielsen’s breathtaking interpretation of regional Greenlandic songs.

The images depicted on the stamps are part of a series of river illustrations by Camilla Nielsen which have been given to guitar tutor John Hansen, in connection with the aim of promoting knowledge of and interest in Greenland minstrelsy.

Additional value, AWG 2016:

The Arctic Winter Games (AWG) are to be held from 6th to 12th March 2016. For the second time Nuuk will be the host city for the Arctic Winter Games, where Inuit and Sami compete for a week. The sports disciplines will be both traditional Inuit sports and skiing as well as more modern sports such as ice hockey, volleyball and indoor football.

Greenlandic Mining VI:

The last two stamps in Ina Rosing’s colourful series showcasing Greenland’s mining history. Like always, the mining stamps will be issued in self-adhesive format.

The two stamps include designs from two mineral resource extremes: the classical mineral resource gold, and the lesser known commodity, the industrial mineral olivine.


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