San Marino – 1700th Ann of the Edict of Milan

Image-2073d034-c526-477f-b7eb-a520f81b369bThe souvenir sheet shows a plan of Milan on the background, while the Forma Urbis of Milan at the age of the Edict is depicted with a different colour.  The stamp on the left portrays two figures on the throne, taken from the bas-relief of the portal of the Dome of Milan, and represents those who emanated the Edict: Constantine on the left and Licinio on the right. On the stamp on the right the portrait of the emperor taken from a medallion found near Salonica and held in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien. Behind the medal the map of Europe shows Mediolanum and the volute of a parchment, referring to the drafting of the Edict, with the symbol of the Chrismon of Constantine.


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