San Marino – 800th anniversary of the donation of the territory of La Verna to San Francesco

Image-c5539e07-65c3-4011-9c7b-601308f9c435A stamp of € 3,50 in a souvenir-sheet which reproduces a map of Montefeltro, the coat of arm of the Republic of San Marino and the coat of arms of San Leo, twin towns. The founders, Leone and Marino, came in 257 from Arbe. They took refuge in San Marino to escape religious persecutions. After three years Leone went towards Monte Feliciano and there founded San Leo. The coat of arms of Chiusi della Verna refers to the mount La Verna which Count Orlando Cattani gave as a present to San Francesco, and also refers to the twining between Serravalle (in San Marino) and La Verna. Moreover the Tau which is the symbol of the Old Testament.


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