Sauna traditions joint theme of Åland and Finland stamps


On 24 May, Åland Post and Posti Finland jointly issue stamps on the theme Sauna traditions. The winning motifs in photo competitions arranged in Åland and Finland in the summer of 2016 were selected among many contributions illustrating the general perception of sauna life.

The Åland competition was won by Joel Ebersson who comments:

“It feels really great to be chosen to decorate a stamp. In a time when electronic communication and digital photos burst the banks, stamps somehow seem timeless. I debated various ideas over the summer and shot quite a few photos from different perspectives but, in the end, I preferred this one, the sauna of my parents-in-law. It is exceptional and very beautiful.”


Located at Ängösund in Lumparland, the smoke sauna with green roof featured on the stamp was carpentered by Joel’s father-in-law in the beginning of the 1990s. Living in Uppsala, Sweden, with his Åland wife and son, Joel works as a development engineer and enjoys taking photos as a hobby.

 Åland Post also issues a stamp featuring one of the winning motifs of the Finnish competition. We chose an image featuring typical sauna accessories: the scoop, the bucket and the sauna whisk. Plumber Juha Kainulainen shot the Finnish photo with the camera of his mobile phone in Parikkala, South Karelia.

In addition to the two commemorative stamps, Åland Post issues a miniature sheet. Shot by Malin Klingberg from Sund, the background photo is her contribution to the photo competition. The photo shows Malin’s older sister plunging into the sea after the sauna on a summer evening. Featured in the sheet is a floating sauna located in Lövvik, Sund.


Date of issue: 24 May 2017
Photographers: Joel Ebersson, Juha Kainulainen (stamps) & Malin Klingberg (miniature sheet)
Editions: 2 x 130 000, 1 x 60 000
Denominations: Europa (€1.40), Inrikes (€1.40) and €2.80 (miniature sheet)
Price FDC: stamps €3.50
Price FDC: miniature sheet €3.50
Stamp sizes: 42 x 28 mm
Sheet sizes: 2 x 12 stamps
Miniature sheet size: 120 x 80 mm
Paper: 110 g/m2
Perforation: 13 per 2 cm
Printing:  Cartor Security Printing, 4-colour offset


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