Stamp issue depicting “Balcony Corbels”


On 30 March, MaltaPost will issue a set of three stamps depicting balcony corbels known as ‘saljaturi. This set is the second in the series “Balcony Corbels” following the one issued in 2016.  

Balconies have had a very important role in defining the character of the Maltese urban landscape, especially through their profusion of colours and decoration.  They vary in size and style with the oldest balconies being open and made of stone. The most popular balcony is the wooden one, which is usually closed and includes glass panes.

The stamps bear a face value of €0.51, €1.32 and €1.55.  They were produced by Printex Ltd by the offset process and the issue consists of 130,000 of the €0.51 stamp, 60,000 of the €1.32, and 40,000 of the €1.55 denomination. The issue will be in sheets of 10 stamps and each stamp measures 31mm by 34mm with a perforation of 13.9 x 14.0 (comb) bearing the Maltese Crosses watermark. Each sheet measures 185mm by 118mm. Cedric Galea Pirotta designed the set. 

The stamps will be available as from Thursday 30 March 2017 online on or for more information send us an email on



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