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Stamp booklet celebrating Åland summer cottages and cottage life

9 June sees the issue of a stamp booklet featuring the three winning summer cottages from the Åland Post’s photo competition in the summer 2022. Swedish artist Lasse Sjööblom has provided the illustrations paying tribute to Åland cottage life. “I
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The elusive parrot crossbill pictured on Åland stamp

The 2023 bird motif will be released on 15 March and challenged artist Bo Lundwall’s bird detective skills, but he managed to capture the elusive parrot crossbill. The bird is endemic to Åland and Scandinavia, and this may be the
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Four most recent Åland Premiers portrayed on stamps

 On Åland’s Autonomy Day, 9 June 2021, Åland Post issues this year’s stamp booklet featuring the four most recent Åland Premiers who have led the government of Åland. Premiers Viveka Eriksson, Camilla Gunell, Katrin Sjögren and Veronica Thörnroos were photographed
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Åland stamp penetrates wondrous world of tubing

On 5 June, Åland Post issues a stamp promoting Optinova Group, world leader in the manufacture of polymer-based tubing for medical and industrial applications and one of the largest companies in Åland.
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First luminous Åland stamp depicts mythical nocturnal predator

On 5 June, the mysterious bat adorns a luminous postage stamp by Åland Post, the first time an Åland stamp glows in the dark. It is the Åland contribution to the 2020 Nordic series on the joint theme mammals issued
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Åland archipelago mice illustrate Year of the Rat

On 24 October, the Year of the Rat is in line to appear in Åland Post’s popular series of stamps illustrating the Chinese zodiac signs. Designed by artist Martin Mörck, the cute mice on the miniature sheet welcome everyone to
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