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Liechtenstein issue “Chinese Signs of the Zodiac – Rooster”

Also this year the Philately is continuing the artistically designed series of Chinese zodiac signs. For the “Year of the Rooster 2017” (value CHF 2.00), it is issuing a new self-adhesive special stamp depicting a filigree silhouette that was created
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Liechtenstein issue “Christmas – Nostalgic Christmas cards”

A selection of postcards on Christmas themes, the originals of which can be viewed in the Principality of Liechtenstein’s postal museum, adorn this year’s traditional Christmas stamps. The four motifs Lamplight (value CHF 0.85), Exchanging Christmas Presents (value CHF 1.00),
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Liechtenstein issue “Liechtenstein without us”

What would happen to Liechtenstein if there were no more people? Swiss illustrator Angelo Boog put this hypothetical question to himself. The answer can be found in his three collages which provide the motifs for the new three-part souvenir sheet
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