Two new sailing ships from Åland head for the world seas

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On 2 February 2016, the stamp series featuring Åland sailing ships continues with Allan Palmer’s detailed paintings of the brig Altai and the barque Pehr Brahe.

The six-year series started in 2015 with the issues featuring the schooner Lemland and the barquentine Leo. Captain and artist Allan Palmer made a comprehensive research to be able to illustrate the coming sailing ships Altai and Pehr Brahe in a genuine entourage.

The brig Altai was built in 1859 on Vårdö for a jointly owned shipping firm with several part-owners. Altai chiefly transported timber on the North Sea, and she yielded good profits until taken out of use in 1876. On the stamp, Altai lies at anchor outside the port of Copenhagen, a common destination for taking onboard provision and buying gear.

The barque Pehr Brahe was built in 1877 in Parainen for major shipowner Nikolai Sittkoff in Mariehamn. The barque is presumed to be the first actual deep sea ship from Åland and, sailing to Vladivostok and Nikolayevsk on the Pacific Coast in 1879, she became the first Åland ship to reach the Far East. Allan Palmer has depicted Pehr Brahe on a long eastward voyage with a certain sail panel with studding sail described in the ship’s logbook.

Two maximum cards featuring traditional portraits of ships complete the stamp issue.

Date of issue                                              2 February 2016
Allan Palmer
140 000, 170 000
Denominations                                            €0.10 & 10.00
Price FDC                                                 
Stamp size                                                
40 x 30 mm
Sheet size                                                 
2 x 12 stamps
110 g/m2
13 per 2 cm
Printing method                                          
4-colour offset
Printing house                                             Cartor Security Printing

Stamps, FDC and maximum cards can be obtained from Åland Post Stamps webshop at



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