2022 Åland ATM franking labels celebrate 100 years of willfulness


On 1 February, Åland Post issues the 2022 series of franking labels. The design of the four self-adhesive franking labels is inspired by the celebration of Åland’s 100th anniversary of autonomy and the powerful slogan of the anniversary year is also the name of the series. Graphic designer Annika Rehn Zetterqvist designed the labels as well as the logo and visual profile of the anniversary.

The franking labels are based on the graphic profile of the Åland anniversary year created by Annika Rehn Zetterqvist, and illustrate a few symbols that represent Åland and Ålanders’ willfulness.

Annika explains: “The biggest challenge was the limited space and the request that the motifs would fit together like a puzzle. There is no main symbol except possibly the sea, which of course cannot be ignored since we live on an island. Here, you find the important maritime history with both Pommern and the Lågskär lighthouse, but also the midsummer crown as a familiar symbol of Åland’s cultural history. The deer represents public Åland, while the swan is a flirt with Finland. The Åland creativity and nature interact in the dragonfly created from cutlery spoons by scrap artist Johan Karlsson. The berry with leaves underneath is the logo of Åland’s development and sustainability agenda. The Åland network Bärkraft (sustainability) has won EU’s sustainability award for having defined its own local agenda based on the UN’s global sustainability objectives. It suited the topic willfulness well, the courage to go your own way and create something of your own.”

In 2019, Annika Rehn Zetterqvist won the contest announced by the Åland Government to design a logo for the 100th anniversary, and she and her colleagues at the April communication bureau were commissioned to also create its graphic profile.


Name of issue 100 years of wilfulness
Date of issue 1 February 2022
Artist Annika Rehn Zetterqvist
Design Annika Rehn Zetterqvist
Denomination of series 4 x €2.00
Price FDC €9.00
Size 56 x 25 mm
Paper 40 gms thermal paper
Process 4-colour offset
Printer Walsall Security Printers

Order the franking labels and first day cover at webshop.alandpost.com, by post to Åland Post Stamps, P.O. box 1100, AX-22111 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, e-mail stamps@alandpost.com or telephone: +358 18636641


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