Hear, hear! In Iceland, the biggest and last issue of the year is coming up soon!

The biggest and last issue of the year for us at Postphil/Iceland Post is coming up soon!

On November 5th, seven stamps and a booklet will be issued, as well as the 2015 year pack and the 2015 First Day Covers pack.

Iceland Post continues to celebrate pictorial art, with the issuing of the 6th collection in the Icelandic Art series. This time, the central theme is „The tentative emergence of an Avant-Garde“ and the stamps feature paintings by four renowned Icelandic artists, namely Ingibjörg Stein Bjarnason, Finnur Jónsson, Baldvin  Björnsson and Jóhannes Kjarval.

The stamps were designed by Hlynur Ólafsson and come in four different values : B50g domestic, 50g to Europe, 250g domestic and 1500g domestic.

624A - B50g domestic Ingibjörg Stein Bjarnason

624A – B50g domestic
Ingibjörg Stein Bjarnason


624B - 50g to Europe Finnur Jónsson

624B – 50g to Europe
Finnur Jónsson


624C - 250g domestic Baldvin Björnsson

624C – 250g domestic
Baldvin Björnsson


624D - 1500g domestic Jóhannes Kjarval

624D – 1500g domestic
Jóhannes Kjarval

And needless to say, Christmas stamps are also a must in the latest issue of the year!

 Like in most European and North American countries, Christmas is a big holiday in Iceland… in fact it is possibly becoming the most popular holiday of the year!

Christmas spans over the whole of Advent until the Epiphany on January 6th (or Þrettándinn in Icelandic), when the festive season officially ends with the lighting of big bonfires all over the country. That time of year is very dark in Iceland, so Icelanders try to make life and living as snug and cosy as possible, illuminating the streets and houses, getting together and baking biscuits and the traditional laufabrauð, and generally having a good time!

It is still quite popular to send Christmas greetings by post in Iceland…  and what is nicer but to have a special seasonal stamp on a Christmas Greetings’ envelope!?

This year’s Christmas stamps and booklet are particularly attractive and full of humour. Designed with mixed techniques of drawing and photography, they show a selection of Winter scenes in Iceland : the inside of a café, outside on a frozen lake, and a cat inside a home – probably alluding to the famous Icelandic Yule Cat (Jólakötturinn in Icelandic) yet far more companionable!







625 C

625 C

This year’s Christmas stamp booklet features a picture of people – one imagines a family, or a group of friends – taking an evening stroll on a frozen lake. This is the 50gB domestic stamp.

Christmas stamps booklet

Christmas stamps booklet

The Christmas stamps and booklet were designed by Hörður Lárusson and Rán Flygenring, with photos by Sebastian Ziegler.


These stamps as well as Iceland Stamps 2015 year pack and 2015 First Day Covers pack will be available from November 5th.

First Day Covers Pack

First Day Covers Pack


2015 Year Pack

2015 Year Pack


Lots of goodies for a nice Christmas stocking full of philatelic products!

You can preorder online on www.stamps.is or you are most welcome to phone us to place your orders at (+354) 580-1050



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