Luxembourg New Issue of September

“2014 vegetables of yesteryear” 

With 1,300 identified species of vascular plants in the country, Luxembourg is, despite its small size, the keeper of an astonishing biodiversity. In accordance with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, it’s goal is to stop the loss of endangered species. 

Hopefully many ancient and traditional vegetable varieties will be saved in the gardens, thus contributing to the maintenance of these natural treasures. 

Mariepol Goetzinger has designed the stamps in this series by using marbled paper, which is thicker and therefore serves as a contrast to the subtle shades of the water colours. She selected three, rather unusual ‘old vegetables’ with an excellent flowering habit. Ms Goetzinger works for the Natural History Museum in the exhibition loans and museum department, and when time permits, she shares her talent and inspiration with other members of the ‘Empreinte’ engraving workshop in the Rollingergrund. She studied at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers and goes to Trier and Berlin on a regular basis for training.


 Légumes d'antan


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