Luxembourg new stamp issues in July 2017

Stamp issue on 4th July


200 years ago Karl Drais invented the bicycle. From that time on it has known an ever-growing popularity. 100 years ago the national federation of cycling sports of Luxembourg was founded. As Luxembourg is well known for its enthusiasm for cycling sports, international competitions quite often take place in Luxembourg.

This year Mondorf-les-Bains has the great honor to be city where the 4th stage of the world famous Tour de France starts.

100 years of the “Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois (FSCL)”

At last, in 1917 after several unsuccessful attempts to found an association, the “Fédération des Sociétés Cyclistes Luxembourgeoises (FSCL)” [Luxembourgish Cycling Federation] was born. Founding members hailed from clubs from Hollerich, Kayl, Mamer, Monnerich, Mühlenbach, Schifflingen, Strassen, Rollingergrund and Useldingen. The first president was Norbert Düren.

Among others, the subsequent presidents were Eugène Neu, a close friend of François Faber (1909 Tour de France winner), Marcel Cahen, a cycling enthusiast and member of Luxembourg City’s council and Paul Wilwertz, who was also President of the National Olympic Committee for twenty years. The President before the current one was Jean Regenwetter. Camille Dahm, director of the national sports school, has been heading the association since March 2016.

On 23 August 1925, for the first time, the cycling insignia was awarded. Another “first”, namely a women’s race took place on this day. Since 1926, there has been the FSCL Leisure Sports Committee. The ever-increasing popularity of cycling without the pressure of competition prompted the FSCL, along with the support of the Ministry of Sports, to organize an annual national bicycle day the first of which took place on 27 May 1979.

Since February 1947, the FSCL has played a major role at international level, when it was commissioned with the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale [International Cycling Union]) congress. In 1951, a year after the Cyclocross World Championships, the Road World Championships took place in the Grand Duchy. It was followed by five further world championships, the latest was held in early 2017

Members of the FSCL’s leadership team have always been fully committed to the international association, the “International Cycling Union”, strengthening and defending Luxembourg’s cycling position at this level.



The 2017 Tour de France’s starting stage in Mondorf-les-Bains

Luxembourg is widely associated with the cycling race and is therefore well known and respected abroad. Altogether, in 2017, five international competitions will have wholly or partly included routes in Luxembourg’s. The most famous and most popular race is certainly the Tour de France.

In 2017, two stages will once again go through the country. This is already the eighth time, that the Tour de France has stopped off in Luxembourg. On 3 July, the riders will cut across Luxembourg from north to south over 115 km. On 4 July the fourth stage will start from Mondorf-les- Bains racing along the Mosel to the French border up to Vittel in the Vosges region.

Bicycles and of course the “Grande Boucle” have long played an important role in the Grand Duchy’s sporting history. To date, four Luxembourgers have won the Tour de France: François Faber 1909, the first non-French champion, Nicolas Frantz 1927 and 1928 (the year he wore the yellow jersey throughout the whole race), Charly Gaul 1958 and Andy Schleck 2010. Charly Gaul gained two further victories with the Giro d’Italia (1956 and 1959) and was an internationally celebrated and recognized sports personality.



The Tour de France’s starting stage in Mondorf-les-Bains

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