Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – Gampriner Seelein

Nature Reserves in Liechtenstein – Gampriner Seelein

With a surface area of 1.53 hectares, Lake Gampriner Seelein was created through extreme erosion, known as “scouring”, during a flood of the Rhine River in 1927. In 1961, the scenic spot was declared a protected area by the government. With its belt of silt and the surrounding gallery forest, the lake provides a habitat for valuable aquatic flora and for many birds and small animals.

Two panoramic photographs showing the lake from the same perspective – with the Kreuzberge mountains in the background – once in autumn and once in winter continue the series of special stamps on the nature reserves in Liechtenstein. They are also the product of the photo competition held nationwide in cooperation with Fotoclub Spektral. The photograph of the winter scene was taken by Sepp Köppel, the one in autumn by Xaver Roser.

The two panoramic views were divided in the middle to create four stamps “Winter right”, “Winter left”, “Autumn right” and “Autumn left” (value: CHF 1.00 each). Both motifs are shown twice on a miniature sheet with eight stamps. The impressive views were framed in style with hot foil stamping in silver.

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