Malta – Treasures of Malta Series II – “Fountains”



MaltaPost Issues the Stamp Set Treasures of Malta Series II – “Fountains”

On 3 January 2014, MaltaPost issued a set of three stamps in the series ‘Treasures of Malta’.

The stamps illustrate fountains located in Attard, Floriana and Gozo and bear a face value of €0.42, €0.59 and €1.25 respectively.

The stamps were designed by Cedric Galea Pirotta and was issued in sheets of 10 stamps. Each stamp measures 44 mm x 31mm, with a perforation of 13.9 x 14.0 (comb.) bearing the Maltese Crosses watermark. The print run, by Printex Ltd consists of 200,000 of the €0.42 denomination, 700,000 of the €0.59 denomination and 100,000 of the €1.25 denomination.

The stamps were printed in 2013 and was released on Friday 3 January 2014. Orders may be placed online at or by email on

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