“Our boys at the World Cup in Russia in 2018”


Those of you who combine love for football and a keen interest in philately will be delighted to find out that Postphil Iceland will issue a stamp in honour of the Icelandic national football team and of their supporters this coming April.
They who have since been referred to as “Our boys” (same as our football girls are known as “Okkar stelpur”!) rapidly ascended to stardom when their fait de gloire at the UEFA European Championship in France in the Summer of 2016 suddenly put Iceland on the international football map.

Stamp 667A - issue date 26th April

Stamp 667A – issue date 26th April

The stamp issue Iceland at the World Cup in Russia in 2018 is intended just as much as a tribute to the Icelandic supporters as to the national football team. This in itself is original – however, what makes this unusual football stamp even more special is that the whole of the Icelandic national football team participated in its making during their training camp in Qatar! As far as we know, it’s the first time any football team participates in the creation of a postage stamp…

The designer Örn Smári Gíslason gave each team member an image he had designed, which the player then had to copy over onto transparent paper. Örn Smári then collected all the sketches, scanned them and put them together into one, forming the image on the stamp.

The stamp features a pair of clapping hands, which side by side form the faces of an eager audience of supporters. The sentence “Strákarnir okkar á HM í Rússlandi 2018” stretches above the clapping hands – it can be translated as “Our boys at the World Cup in Russia in 2018”

Also appearing on the stamp are the logo of the Football Association of Iceland KSÍ (Knattspyrnusamband Íslands) and the hashtag #FYRIR ÍSLAND (FOR ICELAND) which was added at the association’s request.

Finally, the supporter’s voice is represented with the word “HÚH!”

The Viking clap Húh!

The Viking clap

 The stamp will be released for Postphil’s second issue of 2018 on April 26th.

First day cancellation Issue 667A

First day cancellation
Issue 667A

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