Postal Uniforms – Postage stamp issue


On 31 May 2017, MaltaPost will issue a set of four stamps showing its corporate mascot Peppi Pustier dressed in uniforms worn by the ‘posties’ of the Maltese Islands over the years. These stamps highlight the style-change of these uniforms over the years intended to adapt to fashion trends and social developments.

The €2.00 stamp depicts Peppi Pustier in an early 1900s uniform.  It consists of a single-breasted felt jacket with front patch pockets having the Queen Victoria crown embossed on the buttons and the postman’s personalised number on the collar. The €1.00 stamp depicts Peppi Pustier in the 1980’s uniform wearing a light blue shirt, V-neck jersey, a tie bearing the postal horn logo and a crash helmet with ‘Posta’ written across the forehead. In the early 2000s, the postal services launched the first logo as ‘MaltaPost’ and this is shown on the €0.59 stamp – the uniform was yellow and blue and matched the company’s branding. The uniform, as seen on the €0.26 stamp, matches today’s corporate branding colours and consists of casual grey trousers and a polo shirt, complemented by a fleece jacket for winter wear. This new uniform adopts modern textiles ensuring comfort, practicality and professionalism.

The stamps will be issued in sheets of 10 stamps. Each stamp measures 35mm x 35mm, and has a perforation of 13.75x 13.75 (comb.) bearing the Maltese Crosses watermark. The sheetlets measure 98mm x 203mm. The stamps were produced by Printex Ltd in the offset process and the issue consists of 2,000,000 of the €0.26 stamp, 300,000 of the €0.59 stamp, 90,000 of the €1.00 stamp and 90,000 of the €2.00 stamp.

The stamps will be available as from Wednesday 31 May 2017 online on or for more information send us an email on


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