Well-kept 1950s arch bridge adorn Åland 2018 Europa issue


9 May sees Åland Post’s contribution to the 2018 Europa theme Bridges. Designed by Åland graphic designer Sandra Henriksson, the rectangular stamp motif depicts the Bomarsund Bridge connecting the ruins of the Bomarsund fortress with the island of Prästö.
Measuring 61 metres, the Bomarsund Bridge is commonly known as the Prästö Bridge. It is neither the longest nor the tallest of the 53 bridges in Åland, but it is one of only two arch bridges, the other being the Färjsund Bridge, featured on a stamp in 1987.

Completed in concrete in 1958, the lifespan of the narrow one-lane Bomarsund Bridge is coming to an end. Due to a substantial increase of traffic and heavier vehicles, weight restrictions apply since many years. The Åland Provincial Government has it listed as one of a number of bridges that need to be reconstructed by 2023.


Date of issue                        9 May 2018
Artist                                     Sandra Henriksson
Edition                                  130 000
Denomination                    Europa (€1.50)
Price FDC                             €2.25
Stamp size                           50 x 20 mm
Sheet size                            2 x 15 stamps
Paper                                   110 g/m²
Perforation                         12 per 2 cm
Printing method                4-colour offset
Printing house                   Bpost

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